Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with RUF during your time at UConn:

1. Come to Large Group! – RUF Large Group is the way most people “try out” RUF.  We gather every Wednesday night in Student Union 325.  We typically socialize a bit, worship and pray,  and study the Bible together led by our campus minister, Lucas Dourado.  The atmosphere is always casual, and we truly welcome all students, no matter where they are with respect to belief in God or faith in Christ.

2. Come to a Small Group Bible Study! – Every semester, we typically have a few Bible studies going where smaller groups of students can come together to read and discuss the Bible.  This is a great way to get to know people and to grow in your understanding and experience of the gospel (the good news about Jesus Christ).  Whether you are a Bible expert, or have never opened a Bible in your life, we’d love to have you.  Contact us if you are interested in joining up!

3. Come to an RUF Fellowship Event! – At RUF, we believe life is meant to be lived in community.  We are always getting together to enjoy God’s world, one another’s company, and to welcome new students into our community.  Check our calendar for upcoming events!

4. Meet up with a member of the RUF staff! – We would love to meet up with you for lunch, coffee, a stroll around campus, a game of racquetball in the rec center, or something else to get to know you, hear your story, and discuss any questions you might have about God, life, RUF, or anything else that might be on your mind.  No subject is off limits.  Look us up on our staff page and get in touch soon!