Rev. Lucas Dourado, campus minister

Lucas has served as campus minister with RUF at UConn since the Fall of 2011.  He is an ordained Presbyterian (PCA) minister.  He grew up in New Jersey and is a graduate of Wake Forest University (’06) and Covenant Theological Seminary (’11).

Having been involved in RUF while in college and having served as a ministry intern after college, RUF has been a huge part of his life since he was first introduced to it.  Lucas married his beautiful wife Maggie in March 2012.  She is from South Carolina and was also very involved in RUF in college.  Their daughter Margot was born in August 2014 and their son Asher was born in March 2017.  When on campus, Lucas can be found meeting with students, leading small groups, and eating donuts in the U.  When away from campus, he spends time enjoying music, sports, books, and binge-worthy TV.

Lucas’s Contact Info:, 336.287.4627


Sophie Rooks, RUF Staff

Sophie was raised in both Arlington and Charlottesville, Virginia, and is third of four siblings. She graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Chinese language. While pursuing these various academic endeavors, Sophie spent a majority of time with RUF. During her four years in RUF, Sophie learned more about the importance of the body of Christ and her reliance on the Gospel. With the encouragement from her RUF staff, Cayla, since her freshman year and a longing to speak about Jesus to others, Sophie accepted the RUF Internship in 2020.

When Sophie is not watching The Office (U.S.), she is probably hanging out at a local coffee shop, and is hoping for someone to launch into a conversation about life. She also enjoys reading, hiking, running, going on walks to watch ducks, watching shows she’s already seen, starting crafts she will inevitably give up, crying to underrated Disney/Pixar films, obsessing over Exodus

Sophie’s Contact Info:

Taylor Gumm, RUF Staff

Taylor is from Marin Country, California, just 30 minutes away from where he attended college at U.C. Berkeley. In his time at Berkeley as a Sociology major, he found RUF, where the good news of God’s grace in Jesus became real to him. RUF was the highlight of his college years as he made lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. Taylor loves anything involving sports or his friends. Dancing, live music, spicy wing challenges and studying German are other things he enjoys. He is excited to be serving at the University of Connecticut, where he hopes to help students experience the same love and community he did through RUF.

Taylor’s Contact Info: