Why UConn?

When it comes to strategic mission fields, it does not get much more strategic than UConn.  Consider the following factors:

  1. Universities in general are where young adults come together to figure out who they are and what they believe.
  2. New England is the most post-Christian region in America.  According to Barna, the top 7 most post-Christian cities in America are all situated in close proximity to UConn (see map below).
  3. UConn is the best, and one of largest, public universities in New England, where the vast majority of the graduates will stay in the region.

In short, if God’s Kingdom expands at UConn, it will expand in this wonderful region that was once a nexus of the Church in America and is now the least churched and Biblically literate place in America.  Click here to find out more about partnering with us financially as we seek to reach this important campus for Christ.